Mental Health Awareness Week: Blended working -tips to manage the returning-to-the-office anxiety

No one thought last March that when they left their offices under lockdown measures, they might not see them again for over a year. Now that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, a return...

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Mental Health Awareness Week: How to support your employees’ mental health when working remotely

Without touching base regularly in the office, the knowledge we have of our colleagues’ lives has mostly shrunk to the size of a Zoom call...

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Staying connected with your team

In the days of primarily office-based working, we didn’t even have to think about connecting with our colleagues - it was just a given...

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Mental Health Awareness Week: How to avoid burnout

Lockdowns might be lifting, but for many, home or blended (office and home) working will continue to be the norm. In fact, forecasters predict that, by the end of 2021, 25-30% of the world’s workforce will still be working from home...

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Maximising your small home office space

We might have spent much of the last year working from home, but that doesn’t mean they’ve magically grown excess space to accommodate this.  As home-working looks set to be (at least, in part) a new way of life moving forward, hopefully, you’ve managed to...

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At home in the office with… Doug Bodenham

As the head of curatd. and team manager at The Furniture Practice, Doug Bodenham knows a thing or two about homeworking setups. In our latest ‘At home in the office with…’ series, he lifts the lid on his perfect working-from-home day and the things that make...

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