Designing your working from home space

Tempting as it might be to spend your days on a sofa or bed whilst working from home, having a dedicated space to focus has undeniable benefits. Whether you have a home study or a single desk, there are steps you can take to optimise it in order for you to have a great day’s work. Read on for our tips on designing your working from home space.

Introduce some greenery

Adding some green-leaf plants to your work space is a must. Studies have shown that thanks to the fact they have natural carbon dioxide filters and produce oxygen (which increases blood flow in the brain) they are a natural productivity booster. Bringing a bit of nature inside also boosts your mood too, acting as a reminder that there is a world beyond the walls you’re behind – something that’s particularly helpful during lockdown. Aloe Vera plants are excellent air purifiers whilst the Monstera is robust, low maintenance and, with its large, deep green waxy leaves, a great one to look at.

Allow in plenty of natural light

Set up your space next to a window if you can. Though we’re heading into winter, making the most of daylight hours will not only lift your mood and boost productivity, it can also help to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety. Whichever window you choose to sit by, take the strain off your eyes by ensuring it’s to your side, not in front of or behind you. Enhance this with a task light placed within arm’s reach that can be directed on your work, helping to reduce squinting and hunching.

Ensure you have the correct equipment

Employers are now obliged to provide DSE Assessments for all workers – even in home environments – and having the correct furniture and equipment can help prevent certain musco-skeletal injuries. Start with a high quality ergonomic task chair (preferably something with adjustable height, arm supports, swivel ability and a shaped back) and a desk that gives you enough space to work comfortably. A monitor placed correctly (the top being at eye level), a shaped mouse and wrist support can also be really helpful. 


It’s easy to feel penned-in when you’re sat at the same desk day after day – particularly when that desk is at home – so finding ways to make it somewhere you’d like to sit will certainly help. Think about the things you like to have around you whilst you work. Does that include good coffee? A beautiful piece of art to look at? A notepad to jot down ideas? Surrounding yourself with the little things that bring you joy will make it feel like a haven.


You know the saying: “a tidy space equals a tidy mind,” well, according to scientists, this is actually true. If you know where everything is on your desk and there is plenty of clear space, you’ll find it easier to focus, feel less stressed and also more confident in your ability to accomplish things. If you don’t have a dedicated study and are wondering where to put everything, invest in in-trays, pen pots and the like to store everything neatly.


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