Mental Health Awareness Week: How to support your employees’ mental health when working remotely

The lifting of lockdowns has created space for us to think about the impact of the last year. This Mental Health Awareness Week, curatd. - along with our friends and peers - takes some time to reflect on the lessons learnt and challenges yet to be faced in the world of home and blended working.

Without touching base regularly in the office, the knowledge we have of our colleagues’ lives has mostly shrunk to the size of a Zoom call, on which few of us are keen to chat for longer than necessary. As such, it can be difficult to fully grasp the struggles each of them is going through in this new way of working. And if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that, though they may differ in size, shape and circumstance, struggles have been had by all. It’s actually been estimated that almost 80% of Brits feel their mental health has been negatively affected by working from home. 

So what can employers do about it? 

curatd.’s Founder, Doug, prioritised working around individuals’ needs: “Understanding that different people have different circumstances is key. Some struggle with loneliness whilst others work from home with children around them. Through plenty of conversations, we have identified those who need more support, even conducting a survey halfway through lockdown to make sure we captured all. We meet our employees in their needs and have ensured flexibility as far as possible, such as flexible working hours, the ability to come into the office occasionally, or the ability to work from abroad for a period to be close to family.”

If you’re worried about your own or someone else’s mental health, or are simply looking for ways to boost it, head to for a whole host of inspiration and resources. 


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