Mental Health Awareness Week: Staying connected with your team

The lifting of lockdowns has created space for us to think about the impact of the last year. This Mental Health Awareness Week, curatd. - along with our friends and peers - takes some time to reflect on the lessons learnt and challenges yet to be faced in the world of home and blended working

In the days of primarily office-based working, we didn’t even have to think about connecting with our colleagues - it was just a given. Whether through after work drinks, team building sessions, training, meetings or moments of water cooler chat, there were multiple opportunities to touch base with each other throughout the day. Home working erases most of those natural opportunities and even blended working will present new challenges, with whole teams unlikely to be office-based at the same time, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. Besides, the mental health benefits - boosted morale, stronger bonds and greater levels of fulfilment - make it worth the effort. 

Freddi, curatd. and The Furniture Practice’s HR Manager, has thought up a few different ways to keep generating that company and team spirit, even when members are scattered all over the place. 

“As an employer, we have made sure we schedule regular company meetings with presentations from different teams and locations. We have a coffee morning fortnightly and have put an emphasis on our managers meeting with their teams regularly throughout the week - creating opportunities for everyone to catch up more informally.” 

Personal touches are still prioritised, too: “For celebrations, we’ve had to think more creatively. Team members used to find cupcakes on their desks ont their birthday but, as this is harder to source and deliver at home, we’ve switched over to personalised chocolates instead.”

If you’re worried about your own or someone else’s mental health, or are simply looking for ways to boost it, head to for a whole host of inspiration and resources. 


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