About us

curatd. was founded by professional workplace furniture consultants seeking to overcome the complex challenges faced by employers now responsible for large numbers of staff working from home. When the Covid 19 pandemic forced most of us to work from home, it became overwhelmingly clear that a great deal could still be achieved without access to the traditional office.


 As a workplace furniture dealer we set about researching individual experiences and compiling a picture of the emerging new world, the challenges faced, and opportunities to improve how we work at home. Whilst we found businesses were doing an amazing job in adapting, most were simply not equipped to work comfortably and safely from home in the longer term. We heard stories of individuals working from kitchen chairs, the sofa and even off of an ironing board.


 We set about changing that, utilising our 23 years of commercial furniture procurement to deliver world class solutions to create home work spaces which will match your office in functionality, aid employee wellbeing and with the potential to increase productivity with the right balanced approach in the future.